Ecological Cotton Bags

Due to increased environment awareness and everyday practicality, eco-bags have gained major popularity over the plastic shopping bag. The increasing trend for environment friendly products and an eco-friendly lifestyle has boosted the eco-bag market to a new level.  Our eco-bags are very durable resulting in multiple repeated use while being 100% biodegradable. Zero contaminants to the environment.  Companies who choose to switch to eco-bags are automatically promoting an environment friendly product which appeals to the increasing majority of the public. Which in return creates a positive environment for your clients and the way they see your company or product.

We also offer the service of printing any company logos or messages requested by our clients on these eco-cotton bags. This results in turning a simple environment friendly bag into an effective marketing solution. These have been also used with logos on and are even creating fashion statements.

This advertisement media is surely the best means to get POSITIVELY recognised and remembered by a wider amount of people.

We offer fully customisable and tailor made solutions for our clients. Ranging from different fabric options, colours, designs and dimensions. 

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